What is a wedding planner?

The profession of wedding planner has existed for decades and it is in the United States that we hear about the first wedding planners. In this state, it is indicated that the 8 out of 10 unions are coordinated with these professionals. Wedding planners have made their initial appearance. Plus d’informations sur le site : www.theweddingplannersmonaco.com . The organizer will be similar to the person in charge of your wedding: you indicate your budget, your wishes, your criteria, your constraints. He will select the best wedding service providers for you, give you advice, find answers to your limits, advise you… He is there to facilitate your preparations and save time, he is your only contact! Of course, the wedding planner who is there to accompany you personally and not impose his decisions on you does not make any decisions!

Preparing for your wedding

When you start planning your French Riviera wedding, those around you are divided? These price professionals in their organization cool down the bride and groom, who prefer to organize their own big day, while assigning jobs to their loved ones. Paying on the services of a wedding planner is one of the investments in wedding preparation. We discuss marriage, however, we often forget to mention the months before her anxiety. The wedding partners are there to manage the details of the training to avoid disrupting your life. In addition to these benefits, choose your wedding dress; your only purpose would be to give your point of view and count the times leading up to D-Day. You can share all your wishes, from the most classic to the most unusual, by using a wedding planner.

The organization step by step

Like the professions, we must not forget the reality of this field, which is above all the organization of occasions, applied to marriages. It is therefore essential, beyond the obvious creative element, to have commercial, management and negotiation skills. Manager, as you must know how to control a budget, that of the future bride and groom, as well as the accounting of your action (drafting contracts, estimates…). Commercial, because you must prospect and keep your portfolio of consumers, suppliers and service providers (caterers, tenants, florists,…). Negotiator, as you have to coordinate suppliers, get the best price. It is a means of subsistence of contact: there is a careful presentation necessary, in addition to diplomacy. Your nerves can be put to the test on D-Day! You must be able to handle the newlyweds.

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